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"Strawberry Season: Essays on Literature, Gender, and Subjectivity" comprises three essays delving deeply into the multifaceted realms of literature, memory, gender identity, and media representations. Exploring Clarice Lispector’s existential narrative, José Eduardo Agualusa’s historical metafiction, and Caio Fernando Abreu’s gender discourse, these essays offer profound insights into Brazilian and African literature and memory and media representations. By engagingly dissecting themes such as nihilism, the subjective nature of history, and gender identity, this collection initiates crucial dialogues within contemporary academia. Derived from academic presentations in London, Poland, and Berlin, these essays collectively provide invaluable perspectives on Brazilian literature, African literary discourse, and the evolving dynamics of gender representation in modern media. Through meticulous analysis and theoretical frameworks, they stimulate critical discussions concerning the intricate connections between literature, history, gender identity, and cultural representations within diverse cultural landscapes.

Strawberry Season: Essays on Literature, Gender and Subjectivity

SKU: 9786598218706
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  • ISBN: 978-65-982187-0-6

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